Combining My Loves

I have always had a great intuition about people and a love to create new things. Many years ago my sons OT asked me if I could make a weighted blanket. She explained that they are expensive and many parents couldn't afford them. Knowing I knew how to sew she wonder if I could make affordable weighted blankets. She showed me ones she had and I did a LOT of research about weighted blankets and designed my own style. I work very hard to keep my prices as low as possible, haven't had a price increase in over two years. I specialize in making them exactly to a child's likes so she/he will want to use them. Over the years I have created other Sensory Items like a Sensory Blanket which is made of fabrics with different textures & colors to help desensitize a child to fabrics & colors they do not like. I do this by having the blankets have both fabrics they like and dislike so when they go to touch the fabrics they like for comfort they graze over the fabrics they do not like. I have also made a pressure tube, pull tugs, fidget strips, weighted shawls and weighted stuffed animals (store bought stuffed animals).

On the side I create many other items as a way of relaxing - Awareness Items, Jewelry, Shell Art, Sewn Items and more.

I love what I do as it is always changing :)

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